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Core 2 Duo and DDR3

Can an older E7400 get ANY sort of advantage from being paired with DDR3 memory?

I am contemplating upgrading my #3 PC to a new motherboard (now its on a ASROCK with the PCI-X4 and AGP with an old ATI 9800 AIW gpu) and install my MSI 250 GTS off PC #1 (to get a 460 GTX!).

Many of the best m/b options have DDR3 capability and I want to know if there is any reason to go with DDR3.
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    If you already have DDR2 RAM you can re-use, then no. If you don't, DDR3 is readily available in various sizes, speeds, latencies, and voltages compatible with newer motherboards. Make sure any DDR3 you consider matches the voltage for the motherboard - newer DDR3 requires 1.5V-1.65V; while older DDR3 modules may need up to 1.9V to reach their advertised speeds.
  2. I have 2 Gb of older DDR2 667 ram and I figured I'd get 2 more.

    I didn't believe that the core 2 could see any benefit at all from the DDR3 above similar DDR2 (I believe you need the tri-channel buses of the "i"-series and newer AMD cpu's to take advantage of it) but I was curious if I misunderstood something.
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