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I am currently running a asus p5n32-e sli plus e6600 2.4 gig cpu 4 gig of mem and a 8800GTS 640 mb card. my debate has been when i built this system 3 years ago i wanted room to upgrade. so at this point i was thinking of dropping in a e8500 cpu and 2 GTS 250's 1 gig cards btw monitor is a 25.5" native res is a pain atm in most games.. how much of a performance increase will i see if i do above? or is it time to build a new sys?
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  1. Seems like its still not a too bad system. I guess it depends what you are doing with it. If you want to keep up with the latest games then I would rebuild, but for everything else, an upgrade would be fine.

    Up to you
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What is your budget for the upgrades or new build?
  3. been always the type to try to keep up with most games but get the biggest bang for the buck.. if i would say build me a i7 system i am current prices looking at around 1400-1500 complete system build that's with a os and the hardware i got picked out. some extras on that system build. for me to upgrade to the e8500 and the duel 250's I'm looking at 400$ hoping to see the 250's drop a bit more with the 2 new cards that are coming out..
  4. Hmm IIRC 680i chipset is on PCIex16 generation 1.0 lanes so multi GPU on these isn't a good idea Maybe a single juicy HD 5850 for ya hehe
  5. so go with a 5850 and the e8500 cpu?
  6. Perhaps a GO Q6600 or Q9550 on the cheap in the used hardware market ^^
  7. hmm q6600 2.4gig mhz? i figured for games i would be better off going with overall mhz then more cores? looks like that cpu is priced about the same as the e8500 witch is a 3.16gig mhz almost thinking now maybe i would be better off just doing the video card tossing in 1 5850 in this system and wait till the i 930 and the motherboard that i want comes down in price from the marks i see from the 5850 looks like it should give my system a nice boost overall im sure it will walk all over this 8800gts 640/mb card.. just hope the cpu will be able to feed the gpu ok.
  8. You will get the biggest FPS increase by a more powerful GPU. However, you can run into a bottleneck when you CPU can't power the GPU. I would recommend overclocking your GPU to 3.0 GHz (min or higher) and add the ATI 5850, which will provide a nice increase. This should hold you over until you can afford an Core i7 930 build, which the ATI 5850 can transfer over to.
  9. thanks.. i think that's what I'm going to end up doing. from the sounds of it i would be better off just tossing in that e8500 and the 5850 to help prevent that bottle neck?. i don't have a high end cooling system on this p. much running stock coolers and fans atm. i know i got a good board for oc but with lack of a good cooling system i don't think oc would be a good option for me at this time. unless i upgraded my cooling system. tbh i think i would be better off tossing in the e8500 and not worry about adding a cooling system to this.. now i can stick in the quad cpu upto 2.8 i do belive if that would be a better option over the e8500? last time i checked i could not toss in the q cpu that does 3.0 was kinda thinking overall mhz would help my case over more cores?
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