Need a new gaming monitor ASAP!

So here is the build I just ordered:

80 gig Intel SSD
5850 Saphire GPU
i5 750 CPU
650w HX Corsair Modular PSU
Gigabyte P55M-UD4 Motherboard
Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gig HD
Sony 24x CD/DVD Sata Drive
Silverstone SG04 Case

I need a new monitor now, and it has to be better than my old

which I just sold to a friend. I was thinking that a LED monitor might be my best bet because it is lightweight (I am going to be bringing my computer overseas- I am either going to buy the monitor right now, or just get it over in the Philippines where it is probably more expensive/unavailable, either way eventually I will have to put it on a place and the extra weight will cost me).

What do you guys recommend? I hate to go smaller than 24" unless I am doing a multi monitor set up with eyefinity. I normally play Heroes of Newerth the most, work with Excel spreadsheets often, I also play some BFBC2, and I am dipping into some EQ2 with a free trial for Planetside (might try Eve as well). The main thing is that I need to feel like I am making a nice upgrade to what I currently have.
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  1. Hm, that does seem nice. Really light (7.9 pounds) too. It is 23" which would be a size decrease for me and I would lose the 1920x1200 for only 1080p, is that worthwhile? Would I feel like I was upgrading or downgrading?
  2. I wouldn't of sold my old one :) The LED are nice with darker blacks and all, its 2 ms vs your 5 ms ( but that's not saying much ) yup 1" smaller

    You could go with a 25.5 2 ms 1920x1200
  3. Hm, I could sort of cancel the sale of my old monitor.. I was selling that and my 8800GT/e6750/750g hardrive, 3gig ram for 400 bucks. Maybe I will keep the monitor and sell him the computer and my 19" monitor for 200 or 150 bucks instead.

    So, now that I have a 5850 (and could get another one) does anyone recommend a 3 monitor set up? I think it could be cool if I could rotate the monitors to be vertical instead. I am not sure if Heroes of Newerth supports eyefinity though to make it worth it. hmm
  4. No, the 5850 is really meant for a single monitor @ 1680x1050. I would look at the 5870 for 3-6 monitor builds.
  5. I think I will go with that 24" led, any objections?
  6. The samsung LED above seems nice, but what about one or two of these instead?
  7. I would go to a store and check them out, its hard to tell if it will be better then your old monitor by looking at a image on the internet.

    I also have a HD 5850 and i would not go above 1920x1200 rez with this GPU,

    I am not sure how the ATI eyefinity works but i think if you add 2 or 3 monitor together its going to raise your rez and so you will need more GPU power ( maybe someone can confirm this ) ?

    ATI Eyefinity

    some things to look for that would be better then yours is 2 ms / bigger screen size / LED / ( your monitor has a Built-in digital TV tuner ) do you use this ? if so you will need to look for a monitor that has one or get a add on card, do you have the socket on your mobo for a tuner card ?
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