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Hi guys, I posted this message in the wrong forum with no answer, so hopefully yoi guy s can help now Im in the right place. Im newish.

In my BIOS it recognises my HDD and SSD but when I go to save a program to my system I only get the ssd option? Its only 128gb so its filling fast, it doesnt even show my hdd...?

Can anyone help? Cheers
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  1. Hi Killa

    Is there supposed to be any data on your storage HD, or is it empty?
    What operating system are you using?
  2. Hey man.

    I have windows 7 on my ssd.

    I went to storage manager and saw both the hdd and ssd are there. the ssd has about 30GB gone off it and about 100 left. Must be win 7.

    The hdd, had 30mb reserved?, and the rest un-allocated. so what did i do...i allocated/formatted that sucker.....was that the right thing to do because next time i restarted(bout a min later), it had to 'check the disk for consistency'....

    but noe i have a new drive i can see and stuff but was 'ntfs' the right choice? NO idea what im doing, just pressing buttons. thanks Travo
  3. killakiwi said:
    NO idea what im doing, just pressing buttons.


    Not sure why it had to check the disk for consistency, but NTFS is the way to go, yes. FAT is pretty much outdated on the PC.
  4. sweet as. all done then. ill be back in a few hours with a new prob.

    until then , cheers.
  5. Ok, new problem...

    I formatted my HDD and gave it name and stuff, no worries.

    I tried t install a game, an older one, just to see how it goes, and chose the HDD to install it onto. (Silent Hunter 4)

    However, half way through the installation process my pc freezes. And I have to hard reset.

    Then it has to check my HDD for consistency again?!? Or it asks me to check my boot something something?!? I continued and everything seems to be fine, but am worried about installing things onto my HDD if this is going to happen everytime.

    Any ideas experts? Thanks again.
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