Belkin wireless usb with WindowsXP

I'm trying to get a belkin f5d7050 usb to work on Windows XP. I've had the computer hard wired to the router until now, but this is the first time I've tried to get it working wirelessly. Windows software says it cannot find any wireless network, and belkin's says that the usb isn't detected. I'm spoiled since up until now I've only had to install wireless on linux systems-all I did was plug in the usb and surf the 'net! Now I've got to plow through a whole lotta' grief.
Any way to open a terminal and do it by command line? Or what's the painless way, if there is one?
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    Download a new driver for the Belkin. Normally you have to load the driver before inserting the USB - but check the installation instructions.
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