Asrock p67 Pro3 + i5 3570k High temps

Hi guys. I have a problem.

I have Asrock P67 Pro3 + i5 3570k + Scythe Mugen 2. Now I have offset +0,100 and 45 multiplier. C1 - Enabled , C3 and C6 disabled, Short and long delay set to 200, specttrum Disabled and PPL overvol Enabled. Voltages (from HW monitor) are fro 1,16 to 1,35 max.

In Prime and LinX it is looking good. No errors. But temperatures I think that are too high. When idle in BIOS I have ~30 on all cores. In Windows 32-35. While testing in Prime95 or LinX max temaperature are like 86-93!! I think that it is too much. I have used Arctic MX-2 on CPU.

What is your opinion?
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  1. Hi and welcome to the forums :)

    It might be that 1.35V is just to much for the Scythe Mugen 2, though we don't know your case or it's cooling config, how good/bad your cable management is or what your ambient temp is, all these things will effect your CPU temps.

    I would try reseating the CPU cooler.

    Your load temps as they are at the moment are too high, you really want to keep it below 75C.
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