Intel Celeron E3300 vs Intel Atom D510

Hi guys, I'm building my mom one of those Theater PCs because she either watches online videos or pays bills with her pc. So i thought i would build her a PC with a blue-ray player. I was comparing cases with the cpu's

for the same price i can get this
with the integrated CPU or
using a Intel Celeron.

Which would be the better value? Thanks!
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  1. bluray + wolfdale= ftw
  2. is the Celeron a way better processor in this scenario?
  3. Celerons with a wolfdale core is much better than an atom. The E3300 is also very overclockable.

    Also consider an AMD build, since AMD usually offers better price for performance in price ranges under $200.
  4. yeah I'm more familiar with AMD processors but the Intel's had the better ratings when it came to the mini barebones. Also does anyone have any clue what kind of heatsink/fans I'm suppose to use with these (mini barebones).
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    The Atom D510 CPU and GMA 3150 graphics. Thats a very weak GPU that struggles with HD content (even some YouTube HD) and usually not considered suitable for Blu-Ray.
    You'll want to look for Atom + ION or ION 2 graphics

    Foxconn R10-G3 and G31 GMA 3100. Isn't much better in terms of HD content playback.
    Look for a minimum of GMA X4500HD

    One option would be a Clarkdale CPU with it's integrated HD graphics.
    Biostar Eco i2 Barebone 1156 Intel H55 motherboard and Pentium G6950 Clarkdale 2.8GHz

    The stock Intel CPU coolers almost always fit in the small cases designed for the Intel CPUs.
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  7. Thanks guys I'm going with WR2's choice since the foxconn isn't strong enough, but after reading some reviews people suggested with the lower i3 that was more bang for the buck. Would i use a sata hardrive? or could i use an older Western Digital HDD
  8. Another option would be an AMD 785G with a cheap Athlon II X2. Use either an AM3 board or AM2+ board with support for AM3 CPUs.

    For example, this board:

    and this CPU:

    If you want, you could also add a cheap HTPC card like a 4550 or 4750.
  9. The only bad thing about that is i'm paying for a motherboard in the mini system and i might as well take advantage of the i3 since it has the best integrated graphics.
  10. An PATA/IDE model will work with that Biostar motherboard.
    How old is the WD HDD? If it's more than 3-4 years old (and its going to be used for another 4 years?) I think its probably smart to go with a new HDD.
  11. well it is quite old but i dont need very much space on her computer since she refuses to download stuff. it still works i know that
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