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I just bought the ati radeon 4350 card, and tried to play you tube video using flash 10.1. The videos were pretty much unwatchable, they were very distorted and jittery.
Before this i had an nvidia card and had no problems with flash 10.1 could there be something wrong with my card? or is this just a driver / software issue?

i have no problems when i use flash 10
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  1. You have the latest catalyst 10.2 drivers?
  2. yea i do.. I installed the latest drivers off the ati website
  3. Hmm, what the rest of your systems specs? What video and at what resolution/detail level?
  4. the system is not bad. core 2 duo 6300 2.2ghz. 2gb of ram and windows 7 professional. running just a standard definition you tube clip.
  5. i forgot to mention that not all videos are affected some work just fine....
    and the only way it does seem to work is by disabling hardware hardware acceleration.
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