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I am thinking of selling my PC. I am curious to know how much i would get for it before actually putting it on ebay. Here are the specs:
Intel i7 860 @3.6ghz
Nvidia 9800gt
4gb ddr3 ram
1TB hard drive
Asus p7p55d motherboard
Cooler master v8 (temp never gets above 84 degrees Fahrenheit)
Windows vista ultimate 64bit

The system is only 4 months old.
Please quote in US dollars.
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  1. As a quick guide, I would take a look at the current prices for each component, add an assembly fee, and subtract 10-15% in depreciation.

    Processor: ~$300
    Video Card: ~$100
    RAM: ~$100
    HDD: ~$75
    Motherboard: ~$180
    CPU Cooler: ~$60
    OS: ~$120

    System total: ~$935

    Plus Assembly: ~$65

    Total: ~$1000

    A case could run from $50 to $800, but that system looks like a $50-$80 case. PSU looks like about 550w, probably $60-70. If you have a BD drive add $100, $150 if its a burner. For a CD or DVD drive, I would only add about $10-20, even if it will burn. They are so cheap nowadays that I would pay almost nothing for them

    Max total: ~$1120

    I would start bidding at about $850-$900, depending on the value of the case, PSU and disk drives.

    Good luck selling.
  2. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.
  3. No problem. Here's hoping you get a fair price.
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