XFX 9800 gtx vs XFX radeon 5770 hd 1024mb?

Does my 5770 beat the 9800 gt? Which would you get?
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  1. Yes, it beats it by quite a length. They aren't even in the same price range, so clearly the HD5770 would be far superior.
  2. Your 5770 beats a 9800 hands down.

    As skolpo said, they aren't in the same league.

    9800GT performs slower than HD5750 and comparable to a HD 5670.
  3. The 5770 is faster than the 9800GTX, and considerably faster than a 9800GT.
  4. Wanted more info, can't seem to get sites to do side by side. Just replaced the 5670 w/ 5770. My first build, msi X58 PRO-E, intel i7 920, 6gig osc 1333, etc. Kinda tricky, still blue screening occasionally.
  5. Well, the 5670 ~= 9800GT, and the 5770 is significantly better than both. Toms Heirarchy list might help a bit as it shows the 5770 as 3 full tiers above the 5670 and 9800GT. Its a pretty huge jump and very noticeable. Don't know how much more detail you want other than true benchmark numbers, but its A LOT better.
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