Is a Q9550 compatable with ddr3 ram?

And would i see a substantial speed increase :D

p.s ive got a P35 mb if thats important
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  1. You can only use DDR3 memory if your motherboard specifically supports it. The CPU/processor will work fine with DDR3 as long as it is supported by the motherboard. What make and model of mobo are you using?
  2. asus p35
    its quite basic tbh so it probs wont support it

    i got ddr2 800 atm would 1200 be worthy upgrade?
  3. P35 is the Intel chipset that your Asus mobo uses. Some P35 mobos do support DDR3. So, to verify compatibility, we need the actual model number. CPU-Z can help identify your mobo.

    For your other question, changing from DDR2-800 to DDR2-1200 isn't worth the money. To take advantage of the faster memory, you would have to overclock your system. Overclocking memory only offers marginal overll performance gains and often lead to an unstable system.

    How much memory do you have in your current system?
  4. 4gb
  5. loading cpu-z how do I find mobo number :D
  6. Look at the mainboard tab and 4GB is good for most uses.
  7. model- V-P5G31 is that it
    or theres an LPCIO
  8. Your system only supports DDR2 memory. Link follows:

    What operating system and video card are you using?
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