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FANS! What to do with so many!

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April 3, 2010 6:03:57 AM

I am putting togeter a build if you don't already know, and I am currently mapping out my fan situation so here it is.
I am getting the CM 692 Advanced w/ the side panel. Thus giving me one less fan of many. I am getting the 212+ which comes with a fan, which I am going to use for the middle of my case on the HD cage(1).
It comes stock with front, rear, and one on top 140mm, which I am going to use for back up, or I am going to get a 120to140mm so I can put it on my new side panel. I am doing this cause I want my top fans to match.

So this leaves me with 120mm- 2 bottom, 2 top, 2 cpu, 1 right side(80mm), vga(80mm)
This is 13 fans that I will be using just with what has been provided, I plan on upgradin a few things and modding but for now just the basics.
Pretty much I need 6 120mm, which 2 can be 140mm. Then 2 80mm and I was planning on getting one of them skinnier cause it goes behind my mobo where the retention slot is. On the cpu fans I know a 38mm fan will fit snug, but I want to get 25mm thick that way I have some space.
I did research and everything should fit with the cooler and fans. They are going into a push/pull config. which is just as good as any high end cooler that I have read. Everything I have so far has pretty much been a recommendation from Toms, so why the hell not have you guys help me with my fans the veins of th body.

Now I am going for a Black and Blue theme, and wanted to get a couple of blue leds just to throw in there for looks. I was looking into the R4 series from CM and the blue led one seemed like the one I would use for my case.

What I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations for a certain fan or fan series, cause I really don't what fans to get. I am shooting for
all of them to be under 40db at the highest they run, that way there only like living room loudness that will be shut out by my speakers and headphones. What I wanted to do was, get the Scythe Kaze Master Pro fan controller(6 channel) from and have them sleeve all the wires for me to save me some time and a headache.
That way I can run the sleeved wires to the fans. I was going to pick fans that have a real short installed wire, that come with its own extension that way, I would just use my already sleeved wires as the extender.

So that is it in a nut shell, I guess I could of just wrote what fans are good and what fans suck, but I just wanted to let you get a good feel of what I plan on doing with them. I plan on getting 2 controllers that way they will be under my control aha ha. So they need to be able to be controlled from a controller. Thanks for any recommendation or opinions, this is all still in scouting stages so nothing is permenant as of yet, so even if you know of a better 6 channel controller let me know, but mainly I need to find some fans that can push a lot of air at below 40db and maybe 50 but that is pushing it. Cause I am going to need the bottom two pushing a lot up, and then the top two sucking it out, so these were my 4 most important fans!

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April 3, 2010 6:29:28 AM

sanyo denki are excellent fans its all i use

yate loon is another great brand

adda is almost as good as the other 2

i dont think those brands make led fans but they the best of the best

April 3, 2010 6:44:14 AM

obsidian86 said:
sanyo denki are excellent fans its all i use

yate loon is another great brand

adda is almost as good as the other 2

i dont think those brands make led fans but they the best of the best

Yeah I saw those at frozen, I remember the yates but not sanyo denki, but I will look into them. I figured I would pay around 10 bucks a pop, but I really wanted to get like 100cfm+ for top and bottome to get that air going lol. But I will see, I know if I turn the 212+ for front to back air flow it works just fine, but I want to see if an up and down config will work. That way I have another two fans pushing and sucking air threw the case.

Yeah I will go look for some, I want to stay under 20 each, cause I wanted to give myself a budget of 100-120 for fans, but I really don't have to use all if I invest in some hardcore fans that cost a little more.
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April 3, 2010 6:53:01 AM

Shoot for these brands:

Scythe Gentle Typhoon, NoiseBlocker, Yate Loon and check the db rating for each. For that many fans you want them under 20 db each.

Don't get too many fans, the outcome might be even worse. Get a couple at first and see what's happening.

April 3, 2010 6:57:04 AM

and noctua fans are just as good
April 3, 2010 7:08:16 AM

mosox said:
Shoot for these brands:

Scythe Gentle Typhoon, NoiseBlocker, Yate Loon and check the db rating for each. For that many fans you want them under 20 db each.

Don't get too many fans, the outcome might be even worse. Get a couple at first and see what's happening.

Yeah thats why I was thinking of getting like 4 super high end fans, 2 on bottom and 2 up top, and I want really nice ones to go on the 212+.
So thats like spending 20 a pop on some silent killers. The Cm R4 blue led is 19db and 69cfm, I thought I would use it for my flash.
I thought about the notua's even though they are kakie, I wouldn't care I can always paint them, and just get some cathodes. lol.
Yeah not many places do fan reviews like they do with other parts. But I think I am getting somewhere now.
April 3, 2010 7:17:06 AM

What would be an efficent CFM for my setup? I was thinking that around 50-70 w/ 20ish dba might be ok, I just dont how much I will really need,lol.
April 3, 2010 8:59:31 AM

Alright this is what I got so far, for my top I am going to get 2 140mm's and they are:

Noiseblocker Black SilentPro 1700rpm 27db 90cfm, 25$ w/ 6 years of warranty-140x25 This I thought was magnificent!

Noiseblocker MultiFrame Ultra Silent Fan 2200rpm 19db 34cfm 18$ w/ 6 years of warranty-80x25 This would be for the retention hole, and Ill get one later for the gpu. bracket.

Noiseblocker Multiframe Ultra Silent Fan 1800 RPM 27dBA 73cfm 23$ w/ 6 years of warranty-120x25. or
Noiseblocker Black SilentPro 1400 RPM 20 dBA 56.5cfm 20$ w/ 6 years of warranty-120x25

I personally like the looks of the Black SilentPro series, but the multiframe ain't all that bad either. If I were to get 2x140, 1x80, and 3x120, it would cost me 137$, which is totaly worth it, I won't have to buy another fan for 6 years, that is something that makes me sleeper better at night.
If I end up not having enough at first I will just 2 and 2 of the 120s and 140s, which is only like 90.

I am going to look some more tomorrow I just thought I would post before I crash literaly. :sleep: 
April 3, 2010 4:49:26 PM

The question isn't what to do with so many fans. The question is why so many?
April 3, 2010 5:26:03 PM

Well that is my question, and its pretty much been answered with good suggestions. I plan on getting really nice fans that I probably wouldn't of got if I was browsing. The NoiseBlockers are top notch and are perfect, I probably won't fill all the mounts in my case but I will get the main ones.
First two 120s on my CPU cooler, 2 140s up top, and then another 120mm on my windowed side panel. That would still leave me with the bottom 2 120s, vga 80, the mobo hole 80. Cause I would still have my stock front, rear and my stock cpu fan will go on my HD cage.
With my new side panel, I am not going to sweat the area by my hd cage since no one can see it through my windo. I think I am going to set up cathodes instead getting some cheap fan that has blue leds.
April 3, 2010 5:42:18 PM

Just stick with the YL. At their price they're impossible to beat. If you're going with fan controller you can go with a d12sh-12, if not d12sm-12.

Spending 140$ on fans makes buying the budget 690 II seem a little trivial. If you're going to drop $250 dollars on case+fans you can pick up a much better case that comes with its own.

As far as filling every possible fan slot... at some point all you're doing is disrupting the flow of the case and hindering your cause.

If airflow is your biggest concern then just go with a HAF 932 and be done with it. There has yet to be a case in any form that does as well as it for cooling, and it comes with every fan you need.
April 3, 2010 5:51:24 PM

Hell, if your going to spend $250, I'd say spend that on a WCing loop for the CPU, and get a cheap $50-60 case.
April 3, 2010 6:02:31 PM

I picked the cm 692ad. cause I wanted to choose the fans and the air flow setup. WCing is an idea I thought of but, I am still thinking if I really need to get on. With what to spend and what, is the reason I did this so I can try and get better ideas, if not I would probably just stick just blue led fans to make it look good. I do like the yates I really don't care if th noise is loud at full rpm, and I rather save some cash and have a little louder case.
So those yate loons are perfect cause there hella cheap, and the onle is blue, so I just by a couple of those and I should be good.

Was thinking about the Lanboy and the HAFX but I am not sure how they are going to cost. If they are around 200 then I will probably just get one of the two.