2.028 core voltage, athlon ii x4 640??????

http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/4222/watda.png is this wrong? I'm building a computer soon and was studying overclocking, and I was under the impression that ~1.35 voltage max for ivy, slightly higher for sandy bridge, but regardless, 2.028 sounds ridiculously high(I know all processors overclock differently and behave different), I haven't modified my system at all, its some random Dell XPS Studio from 2009, I reinstalled CPU-Z like 4 times and reset bios, my idle temps are between 25c and 48c(different per core?), with maximum reaching 70c. That is under about 25% load, just browsing the internet. I play WoW and a few other games and I have never crashed, some insight please?
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  1. Whoa!

    You'll want the voltage at <1.55V and temps below 62C

    If you've already reset the BIOS and it's still at 2.028V then manually change it in the BIOS.
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