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Hi Guys,

A day ago my old laptop which is a HP Pavilion DV6704NR was working fine, then i was watching a movie (with headphones) then suddenly the audio went off, I tried everything but its not even appearing in Device manager now this is strange because I installed windows xp a week ago by downgrading from Vista, (While vista was running good for the last 2 years, i got a few trojans so i had to reinstall)

So Any Solutions? This is really bad because the laptop which is mostly used at my home.

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  1. You could go into bios and make sure onboard audio is still enabled...

    Go to device manager and right click your pc name, scan for new hardware...

    Download and reinstall the audio driver from here:

    Otherwise, hardware defected it sounds like. Or I should say looks like.

    Also you could try a system restore. You could have been infected with something while watching the movie... depending on your PC settings and what was running, or what was already installed and became active.
  2. ummm, theres nothing about audio in BIOS.
    I did scan for new hardware but nothing came up.
    and we have to force install the audio driver, I could not find any HD audio device only a Audio codec.
    I'm gonna try system restore now, just hope it isn't defected coz it doesn't has any waranty :(

    Thanks for your Reply
  3. the restore didnt work either :(
  4. A USB audio device might work. Sorry to hear nothing else worked
  5. USB audio device? whats that?
  6. Speakers or headphones that connect via USB. I know alot of USB devices will bypass the soundcard or chip (if not all of them). Just pick up some cheap USB speakers or headphones at wal-mart or somewhere that takes returns... See if it works, and if not then send it back.

    Or even something like this:
    or this
  7. Go to HP support and download the appropriate drivers for your model.
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