BIOS System Memory.

Hello, i have finished my first build, and now i am just waiting for my new DvD drive so i can install windows 7 64 bit, as apparantly my motherboard doesnt have that long IDE plug that is needed for that particular drive.

So anyway, i was looking around my Bios settings, and i noticed that it doesnt display me having 6 gigs of memory. It says "System Memory 4000ish", and i have 6 gigabyte of OCZ Platinium 1600 mhz tripplechannel installed. I tried reseating the rams and everything, and nothing happens.

On a side note, does it matter what sockets the rams are in? Theres 6 of them starting from the right they go white brown and so on. I put them in the white ones.
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  1. Why cant i edit?

    I have an Asus Saberbooth X58.
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