EVGA precision help

Hi I'm using a GTX260

and I need help on overclocking

In my precision, it says

core clock = 576 over 925.. 925 = Max
Shader clock = 1242 (locked with CoreClock)

Memory Clock = 999 over 1600. 1600 = (max)

Fan speed (well always on 100)

I'm afraid that if I overlock it to much it might overheat.

When I'm playing Bad company 2 in 1920x1080 resolution with Medium quality and I'm getting a 78ºC on my GPU temp and 46ºC when Idle (depends on the weather's temperature, we don't use AC :(
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    Yeah, any noticable overclock on your part will at least increase temps by ~5-8c, and with you hitting 85c on that already, you're in the danger-zone.

    You could try to get an HD5850, which will play BC2 just fine. Alternatively, just lower your resolution. Killing your card is the worst thing.
  2. With that card you don't really need to OC that much to play that game or most games for that matter.
  3. If u leave the fan speed at 100% then it can shortened the lifespan of your card...
    As shadow said before, lowering your resolution will help a lot... :)
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