SSD Issues, Cant format the drive, Delete files or Partitions!

I have had the drive installed in my system for 3 days, installed windows 7 and made sure it was all set up properly, and it was working great, but this evening i noticed when i turned my laptop on some files i had deleted had i try deleting them restarted and they had come back in any changes i made while on the computer would revert back after i restarted. i looked into it a bit further and discovered i cant format the drive or delete the partition, now im lost as to what to do, i have tried to look for firmware to try and update that but i cant find it, If anyone can help please let me know i will try anything, the couple of days that it did work i loved it, it was like having a new computer....the strange thing that is really doing my head in is that if i put the SSD back in my computer even after trying to format it and trying to delete the partition it still loads windows and i can still use it and everything is good...till i restart and anything i did is reset....its like the SSD wont allow file changes if thats even possible???
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  1. I've never heard of an issue like this, however:

    What drive do you have?

    My advice would be:
    1) run diagnostics (see manufacturer support)

    2) do a Secure Erase

    3) update the FIRMWARE

    4) Reinstall Windows.
  2. The Drive is a Fingfast J2 128gb KF2501MM

    Ive been in touch with the manufacturer and they haven't got back to me yet ( its only been a few hours)

    I have checked the health of the drive with SSDLife and it says the drive is fine as does a couple of other apps

    Also have tried to delete the partitions and format the drives using EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.1 Home Edition

    Which Secure Erase Program would you suggest?

    I cant find a firmware update for the drive but have asked the manufacturer

    and i cant reinstall windows as i cant delete the old one...even from the install disk i cant format or delete the partitions...

    Im lost, haven't got a clue what is going on...
  3. Have just downloaded CCleaner and Eraser see what happens...
  4. oh and the Drive is a Kingfast not a Fingfast.....sorry its been a long night been up trying to sort this out....
  5. Quick update, CCleaner says it completed successfully but when i looked at the contents of the SSD everything was still there, and the manufacturer got back to me, so far the only thing they have said is that there isn't a firmware update that the user can do but if i want to send it to china they will do it...I have asked if they have any other options...
  6. Well i hate this bit, but i think im defeated...RMA job or gutted am I, First SSD and its not looking good, i hope the next one will reaffirm my faith in SSD...
  7. Try Parted Magic's Secure Erase. (Sorry I don't have a link, Google it.)

    You need to either set up a bootable USB thumb drive, or burn it to a CD, and boot to it.

    Did you run CCCleaner in Windows? You can't secure erase a drive when you boot from it....

    But anyway, it sounds like a bad SSD. Never heard of that brand.
  8. Cheers for the info, yeah I did it all, ran every formatting prog I could think of, secure erased it over night on the longest setting and still everything just popped right back up as if nothing had happened...cccleaner said it had worked but the same again everything just reappeared... I even nuked (a hdd erasing prog, not put it in the microwave) the SSD to see if that would work and what do you know I restart the laptop and its all there still...some people would kill to be able to have a system that didn't change like this.....but its doing my head in..... I just don't understand what's happening and how the hell is it after all the abuse I have given it still windows loads perfectly...
  9. Kingfast have emailed me back saying they are working on getting the firmware update tool to me, not sure how long that will take or even if it will work, if updating the firmware doesn't work, then I'm going to have to bite the bullet and send it back to china under warranty...
  10. Thanks for your help guys
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