DDR2 or DDR3?

Is HP Pavilion HDX16t GeForce GT 130m 1 gig dedicated DDR2 or DDR3?

I have read that the mother board is DDR3 but the GPU is DDR2 (im no expert)

Is this true and whats the difference?
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  1. Is the above mentioned laptops GPU DDR2 or DD3?
  2. It can come with GDDR2 or 3. You would need to check with either HP or the seller.
  3. is there a way of checking this thru' the laptop - maybe a website or something?
  4. You can download gpu-z and check if you are using the laptop.
  5. Thanks

    one last question - would a PS3 be better than this laptop for gaming and graphics?
  6. thanks
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