Can't overclock Q8200 more than 2,778Ghz

Hi all,

This is my first time overclocking my CPU. Before starting, I have read a lot of information about overclocking in general, and specially how to overclock my CPU (Q8200).

My motherboard, is one ASRock G31M-GS (DDR2 RAM). Ok, lets see if I can explain propperly: I can go bumping my CPU FSB into 402Mhz, with 7 multiplier. Voltages, DRAM frequency etc, all is on AUTO. EIST and CIE, both disabled.

Ok, when I'm trying with 403Mhz, I got this error when booting:

Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.

After that, I try to put my VTT into 1.3v, DRAM voltage into 2.000... but anyways, I only can reach my 402Mhz on FSB (this is, 2,778 Ghz Core speed)

My DRAM frequency only shows me 2 options: 402Mhz and 484Mhz.

Here you have, two pictures from my CPU info and my Memories:

By the way, I run this very stable. I have read on a lot of posts/guides, that with this CPU I can reach at least 3.0Ghz.

Anyone can help me with this? Why I can't put more than 402Mhz in my CPU frecuency with this VTT?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi,

    Have you tried a slightly higher Vcore than 1.232V?
  2. Your motherboard is limiting you. Frankly, I am surprised that you can reach an FSB freq of 400 MHz.

    I have 3 Gigabyte G41 boards. The fastest one can reach 363 MHz.

    The 333 MHz FSB freq of your CPU, along with the lower multiplier, acts as a limiting factor.
  3. Hi, thanks for answers.

    @Omgitzfatal: Yes, I have tried giving a bit higher Vcore, and nothing :-S.

    @jsc: mmm maybe, but I have read that people with my motherboard/cpu have reach highers CPU speed :-S.
  4. It may be your RAM, it's most likely rated for 667/800MHz, and you're starting to push it.
  5. Hi I have a Q8200 with 4GB DDR2 Memory and Asrock G31M-S motherboard

    Please can you tell me what steps you took in the bios as I am not familiar with overclocking and still have stock fan installed on CPU
    Just wish to boot it too 2.8GHz or thereabouts.

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