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Hi there can anyone help???? I have recently bought a new pc with no operating system installed, but was going to install it myself. Started up no problem and went through the initial process of installing the windows xp disc and my pc hard drive switched off (it was in the slave socket of my standby saver!). Oh My God! When I started the pc up again a black screen appeared with "Error loading operating system". Now it won't bootup the installation disc or even let me exit the error. Please please please, any one out there who can help?????
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  1. What motherboard (exact model) ?

    = AL =
  2. Here is a little more info from the OP on his Duplicate Thread (of Same Subject/Title).

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    Hi there, I wonder if there's anyone out there who can help? I recently bought a new hard drive with no OEM installed as I already have windows xp. Started the setup from the xp disc and got as far as formating. During this my hard drive went into standby saver and turned my hard drive off. Whrn I plugged the hard drive back on the error meesage "Error loading operating system" appeared and stayed that way? I have had a look on various tech forums and they suggest that I will have to reconfigure my BIOS but I am reluctant to do this as it is a brand new machine. Please please please help as I haven't got a clue how to proceed.

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  3. its an MSI G31M£ series - if that helps?
  4. oops that was supposed to be MSI G31M3 series
  5. Alvin Smith said:
    What motherboard (exact model) ?

    = AL =

    the motherboard is a MSI G31M3 series, if that helps?
  6. Your description sounds vague, to me .. "Slave stanby saver" , huh ?

    Based on what you have said, so far, I can only suggest that you try hooking your boot/system drive to (in turn) the primary storage controller .. or (2) any main secondary controller..

    ... If you have more than one controller, you will very likely have two different colors of SATA headers/ports. I'm just saying ... "try any/both controllers" and be sure that the boot device is "seen" and properly sensed and saved (as primary boot device), in setup/bios.

    I must admit, tho, ... I really have no clear understanding of your config (hw or sw) ... so, unless one of us becomes a major psychic ... or unless we get a very much clearer picture of your config AND your "problem" ... There is really no way we can be of much (if any) assistance.

    ... I think this (lack of clear and pertinent info from you) may be why so few techs have pitched in to help us with this thread ... but, believe me, ... you don't want a bunch of techs just blurting out bunches of "suggestions" when they cannot even understand the problem clearly (if at all) ..

    ... Sorry.

    = Alvin =
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