Offline files "Access Denied" when synching to Mapped Drive

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While taking laptop away for weekend changes were made to a few Word and
Excel files. Also several .jpg(70) files were added to My Douments\My
Pictures folder. Synchronization automatically occurs when logging off and
on. When connecting back to the network at the office a synchronization
attempt was made. There was a conflict between the first .jpg file and
askedhow to resolve. No matter which of the three resolutions I pick I come
up with the same error and a failed synch. The error details show the
results of the synch. All the .jpg files and the few modified word and excel
files display as red X with "access to name_of_file.jpg denied" at
\\server\username\my pictures... This is displayed on every modified or
added file. The sync had been working properly before. Synchronization
occurs on log off also when offline I assume although there is no server to
sync with at that time.
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  1. "Access denied" when trying to open, copy, or anything else with ".jpg" file or files. This is a apparently a fairly common WIN XP problem. I've run into this several times, and have searched all over for a reasonable way to fix it, without success. But I finally stumbled onto how to fix it. If you're interested, just give me a call - you'll probably have to leave a message and I'll call you back. If you'd like, then you can write it up. Wendell Riseley, 580-701-4993.
  2. Hi Wendell, can you please post the solution on how to fix the problem? Thanks.
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