Problem with change of gpu, reboot loop.

Hey everyone, so I recently decided to upgrade my gpu from XFX 8800gts to a XFX HD5850 BE, smart move right? Well maybe not.

So I got the 5850, popped it into the chassi, connected the two pci-e power connectors to it, all excited powered it on, started fine, 10 seconds later, reboot and start up again, 10 seconds later reboot again, and so on and so forth.

So I figure it must be my PSU right? Eventhough I had a zalman 600w already which should be able to support it, I thought frack it and went and bought a corsair 750w(heard they are good psu's)

Connected all the wires, two pci-e into the 5850 again, BAM, no difference. So I thought maybe its a BIOS thing? Updated bios, no difference.

My conclusion is that its a faulty card, I dont see what else it CAN be. The pc works flawlessly instantly when popping in the 8800gts again, no probs.

What do you guys think?

core 2 duo E6750 2.67GHz 1333Mhz
MSI - Socket 775 - ATX Intel P43 (P43 NEO-F)
corsair tx750w
8800gts / HD5850

Edit1: The issue isnt with drivers, as I did uninstall the nvidia ones, rebooted into safe mode and used a drive remover to remove everything nvidia before installing the new card.

Dont think its the PSU either, as the problem occurs both with the 600w and the 750w. And yeah, it is connected with two stand-alone 12v rails straight from the PSU.
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  1. Firstly, OC that CPU when you get the chance to 3.33ghz.

    Second, then yes, it must be a card problem. RMA it.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply :)

    Thought it might be the card, called the vendor and they're sending me some prepaid shipping stuff.

    Im guessing I might need a new fan then the original one that came with the cpu if im going to OC it?
  3. An aftermarket cooler would help, yes. has good ones, or any zalman really.
  4. It will be a good move if u upgrade Your CPU cooler with an aftermarket cooler...

    About your card, RMA it. :)
  5. The card is most likely not drawing power correctly (maybe too much) and your motherboard is shutting things down for overvolt protection and the process repeats.
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