Zalman CNPS9900 Led Vs. Scythe Mugen-2 Revision B

Hey all
i'm buying a new i5 661 and considering which cooler is better for it
friends recommanded the Zalman CNPS9900 Led and my supplier told me theScythe Mugen-2 Revision B Scythe Mugen-2 Revision B is much better
i've heard a lot of good stuff about the Zalman for it's creditability and quality but never heard of the other...

Can anyone help me decide which one is better for this processor ?
Thanks Ahead
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  1. I can't speak from experience, but I think they are very similar. Look here:

    They have tested these coolers (except they did the Zalman 9700, not the 9900; I can't see it making a huge difference) Look where they fall - in the top 6, and their numbers are pretty even.

    The choice would be easy for me - which one fits, then which one is cheaper. I just checked for giggles, and the zalman was $75. Hmm. Seems pricey for the same performance as the $35 mugen. But the lightes may be worth it.
  2. Scythe is a Japanese company known for their high-quality fans and heat-sinks.
    Like festerovic said the choice will come down to which one fits your mobo without interfering with your dimms and ram height
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