Nvidia or ATI video cards in high quality movies (blu-ray)

What you think, which cards have better display in high quality movies (HD or blu-ray), Nvidia or ATI?
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  1. Probably ATI with the newer technology. HD5450 would be good.
  2. ATI. I've recently compared both a 9800GT and HD 3870 (can't afford a high end card yet) neither which are new cards and the 3870 wins hands down, a noticeably sharper and cleaner picture. I'm not completely sure if avivo was improved drastically with the 48xx and 58xx cards but I do believe the purevideo version is the same version on the GTX 2xx cards as the 92b cards so no improvement. I'd say do with ATI and would recommend a similar card that shadow187 mentioned unless you plan on gaming as well.
  3. In spite of high performance in ATI 5XXX series, they say that Nvidia has more qualititative cards than ATI.

    what you say about this?
  4. get whichever is cheaper so long as you'll strictly just watch movies on it.

    as far as quality is concerned, between a gtx260-216/4850/4870/4670 i noticed no significant difference in picture quality. only that its easier to implement ycbcr on nvidia cards which resulted to better contrast quality.
  5. What I really noticed between the two was purevideo produced a picture that looked like it had a soft filter over it and occasional ghosting, neither of which I experienced with avivo. Don't get me wrong, purevideo is not horrible but in my experience not as good as avivo.
  6. You don't need a particularly strong card to decode blu-ray. Something budget would do.
  7. rofl_my_waffle said:
    You don't need a particularly strong card to decode blu-ray. Something budget would do.

    I dont even think there is a Bluray playback software that offloads the decoding to the GPU, usually it's the CPU and usually a 1.6 ghz atom, or 2.0 ghz amd single core can handle the task.
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