Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced

Good evening,

Please can someone tell me the amount of distance thier is between a 120.2 radiator and the back wall of the case please (bottom), or how long can the power supply (excluding cables) be to fit with a 120.2 mounted bottom radiator.

Ill move where the cables exit the PSU if i need to.

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  1. Inbetween the psu and radiator there will be about 5cm of room. That is if u are using a standard sized psu anyway. If you are using the longer ones like the 1000w corsair its going to be a couple of millimeters at the most. I wouldnt recommend using the larger sized psu because things will just be to cramped.
  2. I just want to know the total space between the rad and the back of the case, ill work the rest out.
  3. Also, can you fit 140mm fans betweem the top of the case and the mesh grill, or will only 120s fit up thier?

    And what is the size of the fan on the side of the window for this case? 120 or 140?
  4. There is gona be about 20cm space maybe 19cm depending the shape of the rad. Only 120mm at the very top where you mentioned because of some ridges or 140mm below the top part of the case.
  5. good stuff thanks for the the answers
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