[Monitor] Flashing power light, black screen

Hi there. Recently I built my own computer and my monitor was working fine. Just like last week when I start my computer in the morning, the LCD monitor light starts to flashing, it is flashing blue light means there is power(orange light means no signal from graphics card. After the computer has completely booted, I could see very very faint desktop flashing along with the monitor light. Then after the light stops flashing and the very very faint desktop background still flashes.

I tried restart via restart button and the next time it boots up, the screen works perfectly fine. It also works fine if I unplug the dvi cable to the graphics card and plug it back in after it has booted. I am suspecting there is something wrong with the monitor. It is about 2 and half years old. I even took apart my comp and rewired everything, still same problem. Thanks and please help!

LG 226WTY lcd monitor
core i5
windows 7 x64
4gb gskill
500gb HD
corsair hx 750
sapphire 5770
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  1. Have you tried with another monitor? Just to make sure whether the monitor is broken or not...
  2. nope, don't have any extra monitor. :( but i've got old crt monitor.
  3. It's okay, try it on...
    If your old CRT works then you have a defective LCD...
  4. I tried my old CRT monitor, it loaded immediately. Right now even if I try to unplug cable and plug it back in my LCD monitor would work. Also when the power light is flashing, I could turn the monitor power off by pressing the power button, the light would just keep on flashing.
  5. then i guess your LCD monitor is in trouble...
    how old is your LCD? have another PC or laptop? you could try there, if the same problem exist then it's definitely your LCD...
  6. It is about more than 2 years old. The funny thing is if I leave it on after I power it up, eventually the video comes up... Some problem with the signal definitely exists.

    Today, after I pressed the power button, the light flashed once and went dead. I thought the monitor died and went to sleep, after I woke up the screen is working again........ Gonna have to get a new LCD.
  7. get it to the service center, who knows they could repairing your LCD instead buying a new one... :)
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