Help overclocking 3770K

Need help im over clocking my 3770k at 4.5 and when i stress test it goes up to temperatures of 90+ im very worried and why is it reaching so high?

Build: Cpu: 3770k Gpu: gtx 680 Case: haf x Motherboard: GA-Z77x_ud3h Cooler: hyper 212+
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  1. i have 3770k with ga-z77x-ud5h board and i have used autotune 6, and i oc to 4.7 through it automatically. I should note i am use HC80 water cooling unit. When i stress test my highest temps are 75ish

    I found that my first water cooling unit wasn't functioning properly and that lead to temps like yours.
  2. so get a better cooling unit but i dont get why it goes to 95 so quickly
  3. Because the heat output of the chip goes up so quickly, and the cooler cant dissipate the added heat so quickly.

    Ways to lower your temps, in order of what you should do.
    - Make sure there arent any case airflow issues.
    - Make sure that the Cooler is mounted correctly, with an acceptable amount of paste (less is better).
    - Lower your overclock or at least the voltage, or if unwilling
    - Get a better cooler

    What is your idle and ambient temperatures?
  4. 90 degrees is high in 4.5GHZ.
    Is the BIOS setup right?
    Is the CPU cooler all right?

    I am 5.0GHz,
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