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Today I finally received all my parts to build my new computer. I got through everything, went to turn it on, and nothing. When I power it up, everything turns on; fans, CPU fan, GPU fan, the CD Drive works. The CPU LED flashes red and then goes off. I hope that that is what its supposed to do. I assume the MoBo is just checking it and if there was a problem with it the LED would stay a solid red. Anyway, the DIMM LED turns red and stays red. I have three 2GB sticks of Memory. I have tried every configuration. Put them in the appropriate slots. I have went through and tested each individual stick. Everytime I reboot the red light stays on. Does this sound like a RAM problem or a Motherboard issue? Like I said, everything else on the Motherboard appears to work fine, but then again I don't know the likelihood of receiving three sticks of RAM that don't work.

Any help would be appreciated. Or if anyone has any troubleshooting I could do, that would be welcome as well. Thanks.
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  1. I assume that you have the ASUS Sabertooth X58 {3X2GB}. Q - What Tri Channel set? Also, before breadboarding verify that you have the RAM in the correct DIMM slots and properly seated. You can also clean the RAM/DIMM slots by using Isopropyl alcohol -> dampen insert in DIMM, clean and repeat twice. {often production oils are on the DIMM connections.}

    Please provide a link to your EXACT RAM.

    At this stage I would recommend that you breadboard the MOBO; entails you removing the MOBO and components then placing them on a cardboard.

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