How big an SSD do I need?

I was planning to get an SSD and have my OS on it (maybe one game - 7GB) so that it runs faster.
How big an SSD do I need? I'm pretty sure 240GB would be unnecessarily large for my purposes.....

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  1. 60G limit --- 120G is More than enough , i store my Pics and Music in my Documents ( old habit that i have ) Tons of Apps installed , and i still have 50 G Free ... so u should be fine with 120G SSD
  2. 64gb minimal 128gb will be more than enough make sure you buy a good SSD don't just get the cheapest one you'll regret it if you do a good choice would be a Crucial M4 128GB $124.99 at newegg hope this helps good luck!
  3. How big would windows 7 64bit professional be?
  4. I just did a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium on my laptop last night. After deleting some bloatware, disabling Hibernation, moved the Pagefile to the D: drive and install some components of MS Office 2007 along with some other minor programs Win 7 took up about 15GB. I really can't see Win 7 Pro taking up much more space than Win 7 HP... at most maybe another 1GB?

    I would say 64GB is more than enough if you are only going to install 1 game. Games are typically 7GB - 15GB so you can install up to 3 games and still have plenty of space for the saved game files.
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    Games do not run faster on a SSD. They will load faster.
  6. Oh ok thanks. Yeah I meant windows running faster :) I have decided to get a 64GB one thanks :)
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