OLD games with GTX275 32inch TV

I have problem when i try to play play some old games in my system , i could not make the games play in full screen
i know that the old games don't simply have the high resolution options and the newer game have the option to support the 32inch screen TV , is there any way i could just play those games in full screen >

my computer specifications :

i5 750 2.66
GTX 275
gigabyte P55a UD4P
Seagate barracuda 1.5 T
4 gig Ram
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  1. Right click, properties, shortcuts, run:maximized.
  2. I tried that already but did not work

    any more Ideas ???
  3. Press Alt+Enter
  4. Lower resolution to game's max resolution.
  5. i Tried everything when lowering the Resolution the desktop screen become smaller than the full screen and that wont help , still got no full screen ,
    i also tried the (alt+enter ) inside the game,in the shortcut , in the target file and that did not help too

    I think that i have to stick to the new games

    thanks for the trying to help
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