Best fans for h100i?

I'm going to be slapping an h100i into my new build and I wanted to know what fans I should get that would be the best. I want good performance, but I don't want them to be ungodly loud. I would like a good balance between performance and quietness.

I plan on having a total of 4 fans for a push/pull config, and price doesn't really matter.

It's going into a 500R Case btw.
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  1. Hi,

    Good choices are the gentle typoon 1850 RPM (or 1450 RPM if you really want them to be quiet), Corsairs SP120 High performance, Noctua's NF-F12's are also good radiator fans.
    The fan's I listed are good radiator fans because they have high static pressure and so can effectively push (or pull) the air through the radiator.
  2. or you can wait for Q2 release of the sp120l fans (same as are already on there, can be controlled through corsair link)
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