Recover Data from HDD with bad sectors,

my hdd drive has bad sectors and also there some important documents how can i recover hdd and recover my data?
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  1. Recovering data is rarely a 100% affair. Files written across bad sectors will be corrupt. What is the error you are getting? Are partitions showing up as raw or unallocated? If you lost a partition, you can try something like easeus partition tool.

    If it's lost/deleted files, you can try something like recuva.
  2. You need to seek professional help. The more you play with that drive the less data you will be able to recover.

    Any service should charge you about $75 to analyze the drive and tell you what they may be able to get. Some even provide a list of files. Be sure you get the cost up front for the evaluation and a non-clean room restore.

    They should also provide you a price based on that for recovery. A place I use generally charges about $375 for recovery like yours. If they are charging you much more, I would find another place before you even send it in for evaluation.

    If the drive has to go off to a clean room for recover you may be looking at about $1800, so you need to determine just how valuable that data is to you. Being you can access the drive in some way, I highly doubt this to be needed.
  3. Clone your drive sector-by-sector using a tool that knows how to work around bad patches in the media. Ddrescue is an excellent freeware tool for this purpose. After cloning, use data recovery software on the clone, if necessary.

    As for cleanroom data recovery, the most you should have to pay is US$800 plus parts (eg heads).

  4. Hi

    Use other bootable software for recovering/backup of your important files. Im using hiren bootable cd. This tool is very handy and easy to use. There are also lot of useful tools included which you can use for repairing some other problem. You may also want some idea i can refer you this
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