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AMD Phenom II 965 Temperature

So I just bought a brand new AMD Phenom III 965 and a Coolermaster V8.

I run 28-32C idle normally just browsing the web. My favorite game runs 43-44C...

What is the normal load temperature for a AMD Phenom III 965?
I don't want to ruin my CPU.

What temperatures are safe for the CPU?
What temperatures are not?
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  1. Your temps are fine! Pretty good for that setup I might add. 965 max temp is --- 65 C. Depending on the stepping of yours the TDP is between 125-140 watts. I use the Coolermaster V8 Almost religiously- Where space will allow. It is a really good cooler and really looks awesome.
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    Your temps are cool... :)
    Just make sure it not above 60'C~65'C...
  3. Thanks guys for your help. =)
    I feel good now =)
  4. you bet!
  5. beautiful temps, also have a V8 on that CPU, and I love it. My temps are a bit higher, I'm assuming your room temp is somewhat lower than mine. (27.5C?)
  6. Yeah I keep my house around 23.5C (74F)
  7. better than the 27.5C I live in.
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