Computer starts but screen goes black.

Well for the past month my computer has been freezing or my mouse froze requiring a reboot, but when I started it up again the screen would go black and not do anything then I would turn it off and turn it back on and it would start up normally.

A couple days ago I had to reformat my computer cause I kept getting a computer crash leading to a blue screen.

Just today my computer froze when I started up a game, then I turned off my computer and again the booting up with black screen happens again but this time, it will not start up at all even after several times turning off and trying to turn back on.

Idk if this helps but my keyboard lights quickly flash then they go off and my keyboard dont work.

Anymore info you might need just ask. I would like to know whats wrong.
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  1. It's a motherboard or video card issue...
  2. Yes I think is my motherboard, I put my 9800 GT and ram and Power supply in my dads desktop and everything booted up fine. Im not sure replacing my motherboard would be the easiest thing to do, I hear it can mess up your pc if you dont do it exactly right, and its easy to mess up.
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