Arctic silver on i5 750

Hey guys. so a while back i sent in my motherboard for testing to see what was wrong with it because i was experiencing some problems. i had my cpu in there ( an i5 750) as well as some thermal paste applied on it (arctic silver 5). i had it over at their store for one day and i got it back a few weeks ago, but now im wondering whether or not i should have changed the thermal paste? i know it has been a while but im not very satisfied with my temps. ive been getting 35-40 degrees idle and sometimes it shoots up to the high 50s when im gaming or doing something, not even full load. im just wondering whether or not i should reapply the arctic silver 5 and whether or not ill see a drop in temperatures. thanks in advance. (i also have the hyper 212 plus heatsink and fan and i want to know if its worth the hassle to remove it again)
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  1. then why don't you try it yourself? :)

    Open your case and re-apply that thermal paste, you got a great paste there...
    After that post again about the result. ;)
  2. i was just wondering whether or not it was safe to, because im not sure whether or not my temperatures are fine the way they are and i might screw things up even more. but ill reapply it to see what happens. thanks for the response.
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