Overclocking both CPU and gpu

I new to this over locking thing, in fact until two months ago I know noob about what's inside my eight years old pc! Wel here is my hardware details now:
Corsair carbide 500r with five case fans
FSP 80+ silver 550 watts PSU
Gigabyte z77d3h motherboard
Intel i5 2500k CPU
Cooler master V6 cooler with two fans for push pull
Sapphire hd7770 vapor-x 1gb oc
WD 1.5 tb hdd
42 inch 1080p tv monitor
I initially overclocked the gpu to 1200/1420 but was not happy with the result. Although I don't get slow motion on some game like when i had the radeon5450, the result we far from satisfactory- wobbly, lagging, image texture poor. It was a chore playing intensive games. Furmak gives me only 4fps at best.
After installing the V6, I check temperature average around 53C running prime95. Using et6 I click on the '3' option and a check shows the vcore had spiked to 1.47v with temperature around 81C with prime95 running. Went into bios to manually lower the multiplier to default but the vcore was unstable, so I set the bios to default.
Then I went into bios fiddling around with the multiplier, base clock and vcore manually. After that I was unable to boot up. After repeated reboot attempt I managed to get the bios screen on. I quickly reset the bios to default again.
I then went into bios and change the multiplier to 43 and leave everything else on the default auto. I tried 45 but the vcore shot up to 1.48v. So I guess I am walled at 4.3 ghz.
Ran prime95 overnight and everything seems fine. Then I played Battlefield3 at high setting 1080p resolution. A big WOW! Everything leap in performance. So overlooking the CPU does have a major impact on gaming. I also tried dead space3 and get similar jump in performance. Running Furmak now gives 18 fps.
Next I notice something I don't understand. My problem with the gpu load staying at 99% all the time is fixed! But then i noticed my overclocked setting on the gpu has been reset to factory default. Then in anticipation of getting more performance, I bump up the gpu setting back up to 1200/1475. After that I was blank screen on boot up ! Remove battery to clear CMOS and reset bios to factory default. I then increase the multiplier to 43 again leaving al else at default auto. My gpu overclocked setting now left at 1200/1420. Leave the PCM running prime95 again overnight and things seem ok now. Vcore at 1.32v temp around 61C.
Am I being prevented from going further in overclocking by anything in my current hardware setup? Change PSU? Any comments will most appreciated
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  1. Thanks for replying! My psu is the FSP Raider 550. It says 80+silver. Was wondering if it is the psu have enough juice to handle the overclocking.
    I have remove the et6 software. I did try to go into bios to fiddle with the vcore and base clock without success. I had trouble booting up. 4.3ghz was about the highest I can go to keep the vcore at 1.32v with prime95 running. Anything more it would spike up to well above 1.4v which very worrisome. Having seen for myself the benefits of overclocking the cpu, I wanted to go further! If changing the psu will do the job, I will do it on my next payday, will also getting another hdd. Will report back once doing the proposed cpu + gpu stress test
  2. No luck" I tried again slowly tweak with the vcore / multiplier without success. The moment I go above 4.3ghz the vcore will spike up from 1.32v to 1.47v with prime9 running. Temperature not higher than 64C. And if I bring the vcore lower, the pc would not boot up.i had the pll thingy enabled and the turbo disabled. I did notice that on my mobo the vcore and the memory memory adjustment is locked up in the main bios page and I can them only by using the3D bios page.
    For the past two days with all the tweaking booting up has been clanky and lastly booting up took up 3 minute! Spend hours trying to fix it and about to give up, I decided to power down and unplug the power cable and plug its in and power up after about a mi ute. Viola! Pc boot up without a hitch in less than 30 seconds.
    I still hope it's the some hardware like the psu that is limiting my overclocking. And I am getting a hdd because it will use to store blue ray movies which I ripped.
  3. So you mean I manually select a vcore and work my way to max out the frequency. Then switch to auto vcore, set the desired frequency after applying vdroop/offset. I will try that and report back. Although I am extremely happy with the results, I will give it another go. I use the 3D bios option because I can't seem to change the vcore and memory settings in the usual bios page.
  4. No luck again. Google and try all ways that I come across. Either won't boot up correctly or won't bot up at all and omeimes hang r crashes after boot up! With prime95 running and multiplier keyed in as 43, I get 1.32v with temperature max at 65C. The system runs without a hitch but te vcore would till spike up sharply to 1.47v the moment I key in 44 as multiplier.
    Either I missed out something or I am walled. I remember reading that my mobo is not meant for serious overclocking and with my cpu can only do minor overclocking. In the process of searching I did come across people who has similar or worse reading than mine! Maybe I should be satisfied but I really hope to know for sure what is holding me back.
  5. After some failure , came across a case and decided to have another go based on that setting. I just hope I had done something that will cause component failure after some time though it seem to work now!
    My cpu is now at 4.6ghz with the vcore fixed at 1.356v. Temoerature capped at 66c with room temp of 25C. Prime95 running.
    PLL enable, vll - high, vr-fast, turbo disabled, mem change to 16 from 13.33. The issue is the vcore is not throttling down on idle. Will leave it on overnight to check temp and see if it will crash.
  6. No good. Crash after half hour. Tried again with vcore at 1.32 and cpu at 4.5ghz. Run prime95 and furmark . Will report back later
  7. Crash after 2 hrs running prime95. Raise the vcore to 1.335v. Clear the 6 hr and seems to be ok. Temp peak at 64c with air con on at 25C setting. If it clear the extended test, my concern is will leaving the vcore fixed at 1.335 in the long run cause any premature failure of the cpu.
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