Windows 7 on SSD install issue.

Hey guys.

Just finished my new build!
Im using a Kingston HyperX 120g SSD and a 500g seagate HDD

i installed windows on the SSD (had some issues) had to format and clean install again, but i think i have finnaly got it sorted.

Just one question, when i open my computer i see
my SSD it says 90.5gb free of 111gb and the other drive says 465gb free of 465gb

does windows really take up 20.5gb? or have i done something silly like install windows twice or didnt format it correctly argh im so confused also how come my seagate doesn't say 500gb of 500gb? where did the 35gig go?...
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  1. Sounds right. The drive is advertised using decimal, where windows uses binary. It used to be called formatted capacity, but the marketers are trying to force GiB or gibibyte on us.
  2. If you haven't adjusted the size of your pagefile or otherwise tweaked the installation it will use up a good amount of space.
  3. If you don't use hibernate, you can disble that to save a good chunk of SSD space.

    If you have 8GB or more of ram, can try disabling the pagefile (I haven't run into a problem yet but some programs seem to require it).

    Be sure to run any optimizer utilities that came with the SSD as well as run WEI (in the process Windows will change some settings to work optimally with the SSD).
  4. alexjay said:
    does windows really take up 20.5gb?

    Yes. You can trim that some, but standard Windows installs are around 20 GB.

    how come my seagate doesn't say 500gb of 500gb? where did the 35gig go?...

    Because they use a different definition of gigabyte than your computer does.

    Your computer says a gigabyte is 2^30 bytes. Hard drive manufacturers say it's 10^9. The result is your computer reports less space than you expect. It's been this way for literally decades. Very large drives will be "missing" literally hundreds of gigabytes of space.
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