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I know some one has already asked a similar question before, but I am looking for specifics. I have a NF750-G55 mobo from MSI, which has a 750a nvidia chip set. I am using a Geforce gtx 260. I was thinking of buying a ATI HD 5870 (just one card, not SLI or Crossfire). my question is, how well will it work, what issues are there and is it worth it. Thanks.
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    It should work just fine. There have been reports of ATI cards not working as well on nVidian chipsets, but it should all just work fine.
  2. Never had a problem with my 3870 with my NV chipset mobo, wouldn't worry about it.
  3. Nforce4 chipset with 5870 and no problems.
  4. wow, thx for the ultra fast response. Now the next question, should I wait for the GEFORCE gtx 480, or go with the 5870?
  5. I would wait for real benchmarks from real un biased testers.
  6. In their scheme of things I'm sure it was once thought out in a boardroom meeting that:

    ATi dictates you must buy an ATi chipset motherboard
    Nvidia dictates you must buy an Nvidia chipset motherboard

    Thank goodness this isn't the way it is
  7. well, news just came out that the retail of the gtx 480 has been pushed back to April 6. NVidia seems to keep shooting them selves in the foot with th current DX11 race. I now think I may buy the HD5870 card from ATI after all, just on the fact that the performance is not that much better with the 480, and that the 5870 is about $200 dollars cheaper. Let me hear you opinion,whether I am right, or should wait for benchmarks.
  8. its logical to conclude if Nvidia really did push back the date again that even when it is realeased it will have very low stock levels hence more money
  9. What is the rest of your system? You may not see a big benefit from a 480 over a 5870 or 5850.
  10. I have an:
    MoBo: MSI NF750-G55
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Callisto 3.1GHz Socket AM3
    RAM: OCZ Obsidian 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800)
    PSU: Ultra 650W
    V Card: EVGA GTX 260 (only one)
    S Card: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional
    Op System: Windows 7 home 64

    I am thing of replacing my GTX 260 with a HD 5870
  11. Wait for the GTX 480, I'm hoping that the GTX 480 may push 5870 prices down.

    Even if it blows, ATI might lower their prices just to remove all of Nv's market share.
  12. good thought. I hate having this impulse to buy the most current GPU. why could they not figure a way to make DX11 work with already established cards!! But that would not sell profits. At least it sounds like from reading other posts, ATI may be the way to go. Guess I'll wait till March 26 for NVIDIA to announce their prices and performances. Then I'll probably move onto the 5870.
  13. Make sure you overclock your CPU to around 3.6~3.8 though.
  14. The could make DX11 work on current (well now old) cards, however it would all be software emulation and would be horrendously slow.
  15. Don't worry so long the chipset is a dual channel then you should be able to use most cards but avoid every thing with hypermemory or turbocache. Also the eco versions of the 9800gt as are to be avoided.
  16. wow, thx again for the good info. I found this article too, and it seems that ATI performs just as good as nvidia, if not alittle better, at a fraction of the price.,2491-6.html

    check it out, and tell me what you think.
  17. Just to give an end to this thread, I now have an ATI HD 5870. It runs great. Had no issues, and it blows my old GForce 260 away. Thx for all the help guys.
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