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I am just wondering if one must adhere to the QVL for Motherboards or will memory not on the list work. I have this motherboard and this RAM. The MoBo would not post as the RAM LED light was red. The RAM I have is not listed in the QVL. Does this matter? Can other memory still work as long as its within the supported specs of the MoBo? The RAM problems are apparently somewhat common with the MoBo and I already RMA'd it. I'm just wondering if I need to order new RAM for the replacement. Thanks for any help!
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  1. QVL means the manufacturer has tested and approved the combination. Non-QVL RAM may still work - it'd be a very time consuming and expensive process for manufacturers to test their boards against all possible RAM. But with QVL they are saying that they have tested the combination and it will work - as a result they will typically provide better support if you have problems with QVL RAM.

    Non-QVL that meets the motherboard specs should be fine. The two primary differences are: 1) How much support you get from the motherboard manufacturer if there is an issue and 2) Your level of confidence that the RAM will work right off the bat will likely be higher with QVL RAM
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