ATI Overdrive problem

New build and first time I've tried to use this function. HD 5870 with 10.2 drivers, when I try to run the "Autotune" overdrive the screen goes black and it gives me some error, after I close the error boxes it brings back the desktop and when I run "check settings" it gives me the same error and then says my settings fail.

Wonder if I have a corrupted version of Catalisty or if I have a bigger problem.

Thermalake 750W modular
4gig ram
Windows 7 Pro
and so on...
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  1. Then revert back to the default setting...
    Don't do anything if your system is fine... :)
  2. Your Catalyst is probably ok. I hate that type of auto-tune stuff. If you want to OC your card, OC it- its not hard. Just make small 5-10 MHz increases at a time and run a benchmark each time watching temps and watching for artifacts and stuff. Once you have a crash or artifacting, back it down 10ish MHz. do it first on the core clock and then the Memory clock and enjoy. The autotune stuff is always sketchy- I've rarely had it run properly.
  3. Right on.
    Got another question if you dont mind. What kind of benchmark should I be getting with my rig in 3dMark? I only ask because I want to try to run this thing as efficently as possible without OC'ing too much and I want to know how to find out how to recognize and elimiante any bottle necks in my system.
  4. Well, I'm not sure exactly what type of score you should be getting. What kind of scores ARE you getting? A good way to find out if you are close to where you should be is just to browse the ORB Benchmarks and search for systems similar to yours and see what they are getting. I would guessing your GPU score ought to be around 20K +/- a bit. Your total score will be a little different (955 doesn't seem to get a particularly good vantage CPU score) but look at the GPU scores.
  5. I'll do that and thanks for all the help.

    BTW: I notice in your sig that your running a Toughpower 750, I have the same and was wondering if it could handle another HD5870 if I threw one in?
  6. It shouldn't have any trouble. System reqs for the 5870 say 600W with 4 PCI-e connectors for CrossfireX and you know most of the time the system reqs are pretty padded. the toughpower xt 750 is a solid PSU and should have no trouble (especially since its got a single 12V rail with 60A on it.
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