AMD APU A10-5800K and win XP 64-bit problem

Hello everyone,

I have a10-5800k (radeon 7660d) and asus f2a85-m pro

The problem is that after the (succesfull) install of the radeon 7660 driver, the windows act like there is no drivers. Its pretty much like when you have a fresh windows installation without drivers: when you drag a folder or a properties window, there is lag in motion and laggy visual updates.

I dont know if its xp's problem with all drivers and gpus, or my gpus/driver problem.

Any idea? Those of you that use/used XP 64-bit, did you had the same problem?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I'm actually having the same exact problem. I download the autodetect catalyst tool even, and it tells me that my operating system is Windows XP x64, but then Windows operates as if there are no drivers installed.
  3. Me too. Same problem as you, (WinXP x64, A10-5700 with Asus & Gigabyte mainboard)
    Gigabyte Tech-surport Ans --> We are No such problem !!!
    Asus Tech-surport --> NO ANY answer (3 weeks)

    Win7 x32 & x64 is OK, Can show 3 monitors
    XP x32 is OK, Only show 2 monitors
  4. It seems that its amd's driver fault, cause a friend recently told me that when he had istalled xp 64bit, he had no such problem with drivers; the machine had nvidia.
  5. Anyone solved this ?

    I don't want to change to win7 x64
  6. Nope, nothing yet. I too want to move to 64bit xp, not 7
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