Which cpu is better for me?

hello and thank you for answering me.
i want to buy a cpu around 300$ and i between core i7 930 and amd 1090t.i do with my pc this:
civil engineering program like (auto cad,etabs) and programming (matlab) ,riping dvd and bluray to xvid or mkv , mkv and xvid to vob,high graphic games , calculation and etc .
so i look at the benchmark and result and i now confused. :pt1cable: some web site says that amd phenom ii x6 1090t is better and some says with overclocking core i7 930 is better.web site thay i saw benchmark is : , , , , , , ,
my graphic card is sapphire vapor-x hd 5870 and resolution is 1920 or 2560. if i buy amd mainbord is crosshair iv and if intel is asus x58.
so with this information what is your suggestion?
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  1. with game in my resolution there is not many diffrence between them and in some game phenom do better like codmw2!!!but the benchmark in other is diffrent from techspot!!!techspot says phenom ii x6 1090 loose to i5 750 too in many program!!!but overclockersclub say another!!!!and like other site.
  2. Get the X6 It is a better chip!!! OCing is different though. i7 does a little better.
  3. in stock 1090 is better but in overclocking in some site i see except rendering in cinebech11.5 920 is better phenom ii x6 1090t.have link for me to show?
  4. Toms has articles on it. You should look them up
  5. core i7 920 overclocked vs overclocked ii x6 1090t?
  6. Well for the majority of the cpu intensive stuff, i would have to say the Phenom II x6.

    Core i7 are good chips but when it comes to well multi-threaded programs like cad, full cores beats threads.

    Now for gaming and converting/editing videos though, core i7's are better due to the IPC (instruction per clock).

    Question i'll ask is, what do you planing to doing the most often with the computer?

    It just that there some task good for 1 cpu and other task good for the other cpu. If you see you're self gaming most of the time, I would say core i7. Doing cad most of the time, Phenom II x6.

    They can both do the task you're wanting to do quite well, although if we can give the better performance to what you'll be doing the most, that will be the better buy.
  7. thank you,encoding i wacht film a lot and keep them for my self and most of them is vob that i riped that to xvid or mkv!!!!first i am civil engineer that most of my work is calculation and wtih result of that i work with i play new game in 1920 or 2560 resolution that in this there is not many diffrence of between cpu.
  8. Hey, if you're gaming or video editing, then you're going to want high clock speeds with 4 cores, because those games/programs will not know what to do with the extra 2 cores... I'd buy the Phenom II 965, but if you are only deciding between the two above mentioned, I'd get the 1090t since it has a higher clock speed. Plus, when the apps start supporting 6 cores, then you'll really see some unleashed processing power :) Good luck, and happy building!
  9. thanks but excel calculationing program put all cores at 100% but core i7 920 is better than 1090t with 2.66 clock speed.but cinbech phenom is much faster than 920 at same speed also!!! yes gaming is too but some game support 6 core like 980 x is faster than i7 975 ee in that game that show you game support 6 core.
  10. That's probably because those other 4 cores can do the os and background programs... I haven't seen many games that actually use 6 cores... heck, I've never even maxed out my Ph II 965!
  11. you're right.but suport 6 core but don't use them as well as using 4core.for gaming 2core and 4 core is better NOW.i believe in future most games will support 6core(and directx11 also)!!!!!in gaming core i7 920 is much better than phenom 965 don't you agree?but if we want performance/price amd is better choice.Farcry 2 and resident evil 5 this use 6 cores better than other benchmarked game!!encoding put your core at 100! or cinebech 11.5 rendering.or heavy calculation with excel !!! like Regression (level 3 or higher)for many number !! but 1090t is the fastest cpu that amd realsead.i want now upgrade my pc.i said i bought my graphic card and is sapphire vapor-x 5870.i know that 1090t in stock beat 920 in most program except gaming but i want to know if i overclock it with same speed with phenom 1090t (for example 4.2ghz) still beat to phenom or not?
  12. WORD!! ^

    Also the article I talked about are individual pieces about i7 or 1090T. You kind of have to read about them both. Something tells me you already have though.
  13. yes it says that phenom ii x6 1090t has same result with i7 975 i think.i said some website show 1090is faster some one show another thing.see here :
    can you show a review of overclocked i7 920 vs overclocked 1090t?
  14. Well I like them both. They both have their problems and great technology in play.
  15. so what is your suggestion?i know in photoshop cs5,gaming,excel core i7 930 and i7 920.overclocked pheom ii x6 vs overclocked i7 930 have any body link or benchmark for this ?
  16. battelfield 2 use all 6 core i said farcry 2 i made a mistake.sorry!!phenom ii x6 is much better than i7 930 in that.(1920*1080,with radeon hd 5870,
  17. here is another website that says i7 930 is much better than phenom ii x6:
  18. Just read that article.
    Hmmm curious, I am!

    Well. I can say that so sites are biased and sadly we are misinformed on many levels and ways. The only way to get a clear picture from a net-surfers seat/screen. Is to read many articles and compare them, while remebering to keep an open unbiased mind and that both companies are really good choices. Question is "How much do you want to pay/tweak?
  19. i have 300$ for cpu,and if i buy core i7 930 a good mainboard for that is around 208$,and if i buy amd the best mainboard is crosshair iv formula which is about 219.9$ in newegg.
    in my opinion has one of the best articles for this article you can see how much of cpu capacity is used by a program which benchmarks it.
    here is :
  20. Now thats a good review!!!! I still say 1090T is the best choice. In 26 days my 1090T will arrive! I cant wait..... Lets give Intel guys a run for their money.
  21. you said that's a good review because 1090 is good in that lol.:)
  22. Nah I just think they have done a good job at showing the results no matter who is on top.
  23. it's okkkkkk
  24. plz take a core i7 processor bcse it now better than amd processor
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    plz take a core i7 processor bcse it now better than amd processor


    Not always the case. As stated earlier in the thread. It depends on the task. If the Phenom II x6 wasn't out yet and the OP couldn't wait for a new cpu, core i7 930 would of been my choice but thats not the case as it out now and it does some task better the core i7's.

    Well it still hard to say between the 2. although i would go for Phenom II x6 my self if i had to do the same stuff you did.

    Although could i give a suggestion?

    I would recommend of going for the 1055T and overclock it to 1090T speed. It will save you nearly (if not) $100 and you will have equivalent powered system at a cheaper price. That if you want to overclock.
  26. Quote:
    plz take a core i7 processor bcse it now better than amd processor

    I don't want to start a fight, but for the price AMD has been better than Intel for a while :D ... also, you're just being a fanboy and stating your opinion :pfff: ... this isn't about Intel vs AMD, this is about what would be better for the OP with the tasks he plans to do with his computer...
  27. if you go to the site that i mentioned you can see that overclocking 1090 from 3.2 to 4.2 has a lot progress in video encoding and rendering .(like my work)
    this froum is not for this that you said buy this because you like (maybe love) intel this reason is good but for when you want buy a Chocolate.i want to buy a CPU for my work not Chocolate.
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