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I just recently upgraded my system to 64GB...just because I could and now I am looking into the possibilities of creating a 16-32 GB RAM drive. Has anyone done this before? and if so, what applications are you using it for?

I understand you can load entire games into the RAMdrive and significantly increase loading times...but is the improvement over an SSD worth it? I also use adobe products quite often for photo and video editing, would there be any benefit here?
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  1. I am looking at the same set up. but only with 32gz ddr3 this is the best set up i have found. The only thing is it take a long time to load the image at boot time. Need to save a image every few minutes if you want to have your work backed up and not lost for a power outage. all tho i just make a image of my OS that way it never gets pule-ted with junk its all ways clean. and is faster then SSD. there is some programs that let you do this with out knowing how to program for free. Its still the same set up used with XP years ago.
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