GRAPHICS CARDS need help please

I have just got a new 52cm full HD monitor and am running duel core proc and full Ram on vista, which graphics card is better to use I have a G force GT220 can be connected with HDMI, OR a Gforce 9800 GTX (512) which cannot be connected HDMI??
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More about graphics cards please
  1. Do you plan on running sound through your monitor? if not it doesnt matter if you use an HDMI cable or a DVI cable. A 9800GTX is significantly more powerful than a GT220, which was designed to be a low power OEM graphics card.
  2. The 9800GTX definetly
    You shouldn't have any problems. You should have an DVI-to-HDMI adapter in the box;)
  3. so peformance for gaming will be better using the 9800 gtx i thought the hdmi output would give better picture qulity?
  4. Performance for gaming and just about everything will be a lot better with the 9800GTX

    DVI and HDMI carry identical signal, the quality of the signal is identical unless you choose to buy a crappy quality cable and run it a very long distance. The only real benefit to HDMI is a smaller cable and connector, and the ability to carry sound through the same line.
  5. The 9800GTX will be ok but for 1080p you are really best off with an HD5770/4870/GTX 260 level card.
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