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I got a new N router the other day, a DIR-655 (heard it's one of the best right now). But I got a couple wireless G devices and from googling I learned that if you have both G and N devices on the network, the router will run on G.

So I was thinking of connecting the N router with my current G router and have the wireless N/G devices connect to their respective router for maximizing performance.

Is this possible? And if yes, where should I hook up my desktop to, the N or G router?
Or is it not worth the trouble? lol

What I mean is something like this:

N router ----> wireless N + desktop here?
G router ----> wireless G + or desktop here?

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  1. I would turn off dhcp addressing on the G router and only use DHCP from the N router. Connect n and g router with network cable between normal switch ports, not wan port on G router. Setup wireless on G with different network name and channel than N router. Connect wireless computers to respective routers.
    I would connect your desktop to the N router - one less piece it has to go through.
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