Adequate heat sink for dual E5520s

I just purchased 2 "Lenovo Xeon E5520 upgrade kits" which come with heat sink. I'm guessing that this is a passive heat sink (i.e. no fan). I'm going to be using a SILVERSTONE TJ09-S case which is known to have a good cooling design.

I am going to be running periodic calculations that will use all cores for 12-24 hrs at a time. Do I need to go to an active solution for cooling the CPUs individually? What are good operating temperatures at full load?

I'm not looking to install anything elaborate such as water cooling, just want a cheap effective solution that will keep the CPUs well within tolerances. As have not received the parts yet or assembled the machine, don't yet know how the provided sinks will perform.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. Lenovo, HP and others use an active heat sink. If you open a server, you'll see that high flow fans push air through the heat sinks. Try to keep them below 70°C at full load to prevent throttling or shutdown (which occurs at 95°C or more). Noctua probably have what you're looking for:
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