Cant install windows please help!

Hello, I'm having this very non-fun problem. I'm trying to install Windows 2000 on a old computer. The problem is that when i go to select what drive to install on it locks up on me. I ran memtest86 and the memory is fine. I swapped processors and i still get the same problem. Btw the processors have plenty of cool air, so its not overheating. I've tried removing the nic,sound card,usb drives ETe any thing that i dont need to install got took off. Then i get the same problem. Also tryed diffrent disk and same result.
CPU(S) Pentium 3 @ 650 MHZ and a Celeron @ 330MHZ
Mobo: GA-6bxdu (BTW only 1 processor is intalled)
GPU: Geforce 4000MX

if yah need anymore info just ask :) thanks in advance.
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  1. What hard drive are you trying to install windows on to? I suspect that with everything else checking out alright that it is a problem with the hard drive. If you happen to have an old HDD laying around that you think works, give that a try and see if it fixes the issue.
  2. I found this using google in about 3 seconds. it's from the GA site:

    To solve your problem, please go to BIOS to reset "Boot delay time" or "IDE delay time" to a longer one or give a warm boot. Why is that? Simply say it’s because HDD detection time of BIOS is less than or equal to the time that HDD needs to be ready. Therefore the BIOS sometimes responses the failed message after detecting unready HDD.

    Not sure if that's the problem but I've never had an issue with Win 2 K on 100's of pc's.
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