Toshiba Satelite Nightmare

Hey folks, so I have been seriously stupid it seems. I have a toshiba satelite c850D - 11q bought as a present, brand new with windows 8.

I wasnt so thrilled with windows 8, so having done this with other computers many times, I backed up my drivers and went about trying to install windows xp which is my prefered OS.

HOWEVER ..... I couldnt seem to find a way to boot from the cd, and i stupidly reasoned this was due to windows 8. So i downloaded DISK KILL and attempted to format the drive so i could just start from scratch.
However, after about 7 minuites, the pc crashes, and now wont boot. Wont boot anything. Ive got in the boot menu once in some kind of fluke, and when it says checking media.... it says fail.

Im seriously hoping theres a way out of this. Not of the usual shortcuts seem to work to fix it. I tried holding C, i tried f12, i just dont know what to do. GUTTED.
hope someone out there can help
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  1. If you put the Windows XP disk in, and restart it, .....then:
    "Press any key to boot from CD" (but you MUST hit any key within 3 seconds),
    does it show you anything, like "Press 'R' to Repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery console?
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