What is a stable setting for 4.5ghz i5 3570k

I want to get 4.5 ghz but 4.2 ghz aircondition+ heatsink(Frio Extreme) it come to 60 C

This is a image for 4.2 ghz.
If you have a answer please tell me. I using z77 ud3h gigabyte(i'm using turbo multiplier method)
Thank you
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  1. have you checked out stable settings at the intel overclocking club thread theres no guarentee anyone elses settings will work for you but you can try them out and one more thing 60c is very good temp of full load on ivy bridge
  2. but I open my air con. normally i don't.
  3. My voltage is so low like 1.092volt full load
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    what temperature is the room your pc is in? you can only judge the temperature by that if you are in a room 20c to 22c at full load id expect to see at least mid seventies, what temperature does it reach without the air conditioning on?
  5. In room is 38 C and below is my temp picture link + when not turn air condition on.(Its stay below 75 C Max is Min is 67-68 C full load 1.056 voltage.

  6. Is this a good overclock because the voltage is stay 1.052 volt in full load
  7. Did I can overclock more?
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