How big of an SSD would I need?

I am looking to acquire an SSD for booting Windows 7 on and possibly loading WoW, LoL, and a few other games off of. What size would you say I need being that WoW itself is about 40-50GB? Also, what SSDs in particular would you recommend for me to look at?

Thanks in advance. :D
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  1. Look for a 120gb I'd say. Plenty for Windows, WoW and the basic programs you would install. I have that set up, and run a 500gb for games plus externals for media.
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    I would say 120GB minimum. It really depends on your budget. The excellent Crucial M4 256GB model has been as low as $200 here recently. The M4 the Samsung 830 and any of the Intel drives have the best reputations for speed and reliability.
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